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Women ordination in Latvian Lutheran church

Women ordination in Latvian Lutheran church usually does not happen. Not lately. In fact, exactly 20 years ago, when the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Latvia (LELB) got its new leader, Archbishop Jānis Vanags, the ordination of women was stopped. The first ordination of women in Latvia took place in 1975 under the bishop Jānis Matulis when first three assistant female pastors were ordained. For years there existed

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Female Lutheran pastor will be ordained in Latvia

On Sunday, February 9, 2014 we will witness the ordination of a deacon Ieva Puriņa, who will be ordained to the ministry of a Lutheran pastor by the archbishop of the Latvian Evangelical Lutheran Church Abroad Elmārs E. Rozītis. Ieva Puriņa will be the second female pastor ordained in Latvia in the past 20 years (!) and the first female pastor who will stay in Latvia and will minister in the church “Rīgas Evaņģēliskā Draudze” in Riga - the capital of Latvia.

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Positive theology in Christ

"I'm too human to comprehend too human to understand That those you chose and took by your hand Are those whom I would not want by my side..."

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