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Evangelical Lutheran Church of Latvia takes its own course towards male-only ordination

On October 28, 2015 the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Latvia (ELCL) in its Pastors’ Conference overwhelmingly voted in favour of expanding Article 133 of the ELCL Constitution with a gender specific requirement – only males can seek ordination within the ELCL. 57 attendees voted “for” this proposal, only 6 voted “against” and 2 abstaines. Prior to the decision the ELCL never consulted any of the parties involved and affected by such a serious proposal. The fragile hope of reunification with the LELCA (which has its own Archbishop, the Most Revd Lauma Zušēvica) was dealt a blow by this decision. Moreover, if affirmed by the Synod of LELC in 2016, this vote carries the potential of setting the Latvian Lutheran Church further apart from the global Lutheran community embodied in the Lutheran World Federation.

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APPEAL of the Association of Latvian Lutheran Women Theologians to the participants of the Pastors Conference of the Latvian Evangelical Lutheran Church on October 28, 2015

We have learned that on October 28, 2015 a Pastors’ Conference of the Latvian Evangelical Lutheran Church (LELC) will take place on the issue of the ordination in context of a proposed amendment to the verse 133 of the LELC Constitution. It is a shame that this information is not available, either at the webpage of LELC, nor in the official LELC newspaper

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40th anniversary of WOMEN'S ORDINATION in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Latvia and 20th anniversary of THE FOUNDING of our Association of Lutheran Women Theologians in Latvia

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