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An overview of women ordination in Latvia since 1992

Photo: Reverends Vaira Bitēna and Klāvs Bērziņš. Photo credit: Ralfs Kokins

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Conference "Woman in church and society" on October 2, 2018

Conference in Riga, Latvia - Woman in church and society. October 2 from 10.30-16.30. Working languages - English and Latvian.

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Latvian Churches and the Istanbul Convention

We commend those Christians in Latvia who have stood up in favour of ratification, and who are, or have been penalised for doing so. We salute your solidarity with the victims of violence, and stand with you in prayer as you take your resistance, your persistence and your insistence forward.

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In support of Istanbul Convention in Latvia

Association of Lutheran Women Theologians in Latvia in support of the ratification of the Istanbul Convention

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